Tortoise Race Kata


Two tortoises named A and B must run a race. A starts with an average speed of 720 feet per hour. Young B knows she runs faster than A, and furthermore has not finished her cabbage.

When she starts, at last, she can see that A has a 70 feet lead but B‘s speed is 850 feet per hour. How long will it take B to catch A?

More generally: given two speeds v1 (A‘s speed, integer > 0) and v2 (B‘s speed, integer > 0) and a lead g (integer > 0) how long will it take B to catch A?

The result will be an array [hour, min, sec] which is the time needed in hours, minutes and seconds (round down to the nearest second) or a string in some languages.

My answer

public static int[] Race(int v1, int v2, int g)
  if (v1 < v2)
    int dv = (v2 - v1); // net fph
    int hr = g / dv;
    int min = 60 * (g % dv) / dv;

    int[] time = new int[] {hr, min, sec};
    return time;

  return null;
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Grahame Watt